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Hours and Attendance

Attendance Policies and Procedures

Attendance Office: call 218-336-8845 ext. 2144 or email

Our school is committed to the philosophy that every student should attend every class every day. Regular attendance and promptness are expected in all classes, and are essential for success in school. Learning to participate in group discussions, developing an appreciation for the views and abilities of other students, and forming the habits of regular attendance are legitimate objectives for any course, and learning that is lost due to absence can never be adequately replaced. Education is more than reading and writing. The classroom contact with teachers and other students is vital to the development of critical thinking and evaluative processes. 

Please ensure that your student attends school every day and arrives on time. Absenteeism in the first month of school can predict poor attendance throughout the school year. Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of school. Research shows that missing 10 percent of the school, or about 18 days in most school districts, negatively affects a student’s academic performance. The academic impact of missing that much school is the same whether the absence is excused or unexcused. That’s just two days a month and that’s known as chronic absence.

Here are a few practical tips to help support regular attendance:

•  Make sure your students keep a regular bedtime and establish a morning routine.

•  Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.

•  Ensure your students go to school every period, every day unless they are truly sick.

•  Avoid scheduling vacations or appointments when school is in session.

•  Talk to teachers and counselors for advice if your children feel anxious about going to school.

•  Develop back up plans for getting to school if something comes up.  Call on a family member, neighbor, or another parent to take your child to school.

Let us know how we can best support you and your students so that they can show up for school on time every day.   We want your student to be successful in school!  If you have any questions or need more information please contact your student’s school.  

Students are allowed two days to make up missed work for every one day of excused absence. This includes tests and quizzes. Any work not completed within these two days may result in “no credit” for the missed assignment. However, the building principal or classroom teacher may extend the time allowed in the case of extended illness or extenuating circumstances. 

Attendance Codes Commonly Used in Infinite Campus:

Yellow=Unknown, Green=Excused, Red=Unexcused, Grey=Exempt (school activity or school office visit)

  • ACT- Activity (school based)

  • ADM- Admin Excused (meeting with principal, dean, SRO, clerical, etc.)

  • COU- Counselor

  • CRT- Court

  • DEA- Funeral/Death



  • EXC- Excused

  • ILL- Parent/Guardian Note of Illness

  • ILI- Influenza Like Illness (we are required to track this differently than other illness)

  • NRS- In Health Office

  • TDY- Tardy (Unexcused)

  • TDYE- Tardy Excused 

  • UNX- Unexcused Absence (based on reasons listed on back)

  • VAC- PRE APPROVED Family Vacation

  • WX- Weather Related

Please remember that our Attendance Office is extremely busy. At times it may take up to 24 hours for attendance to be updated. Written notes should be sent whenever possible to reduce the overwhelming call volume. You will acknowledge on the signature page included with this packet that you have read and understand both sides of this page.

For an Absence to be Excused: Notification must come from a custodial parent/guardian within 48 hours of the absence either by note or phone. Most professional offices (medical, dental, mental health, etc.) will send an appointment slip to the school with the student. Excused reasons include:

  • Illness.
  • Serious illness in the student’s immediate family.
  • A death or funeral in the student’s immediate family or a close friend or relative.
  • Medical, dental, orthodontic, mental health treatment.
  • Religious instruction not to exceed three hours in any week.
  • Physical emergency conditions such as fire, flood, storm, etc.
  • Family emergencies.
  • Driver’s test, behind the wheel instruction
  • Pre-approved family vacations.

Examples of Unexcused Absences, regardless of note or phone call

  • LUNCH- East is a closed campus for all 9-10th grade students without exception. Please do not excuse your student during lunch. We do not allow food deliveries for students during the school day.
  • Absence was not approved by the custodial parent/guardian AND school district.
  • Skipping class, leaving or being absent without following proper procedure.
  • Student or family member overslept, alarm didn’t go off, missed bus, running late, etc.
  • Studying for a test or completing homework.
  • Leaving school during the school day without approval of school official or other non-emergency situations.
  • Shopping, errands, personal grooming appointments.
  • Work that is not part of a school sponsored work experience.
  • Any other absence not included under the attendance procedures set out in school board policy.

Excusing an Absence

  • A written note MUST include:
  • Student’s full name and grade
  • Full name, printed, of the custodial parent/guardian writing the excused
  • Signature of the custodial parent/guardian
  • A phone number to contact that person if needed
  • The REASON for the absence (just writing or saying that the parent is excusing isn’t enough), remember that not all reasons are excused according to district policy
  • Absences may only be excused within 48 hours. This is a district policy and will be enforced.
  • Students and families are encouraged to monitor Infinite Campus and set attendance alerts to watch for unexcused absences.
  • If a student was marked absent from a class and you believe it was in error, the student must speak directly with the classroom teacher to clear the absence.

Signing In and Out of School

  • Students must come to the office prior to their first class to submit notes and receive passes to leave early. Families should not call during the day expecting their child to be released on short notice unless it is an emergency.
  • Students must have custodial parent/guardian permission to sign out before they leave via note or phone call.
  • Students are required to sign in when they come late or return from an appointment.
  • Students are required to sign in anytime they leave the building during the day, unless it is for attendance in another class that meets off campus.
  • If students are feeling ill during the day they are required to report to the health office. After the nurse contacts parents, guardians, or emergency contacts students may leave.

Attendance Related to Athletics and Activities (Coach will provide excused list, no need to send a note)

  • Students must be in attendance at school for at least two hours (end of day) in order to practice or participate in games.
  • Students must be on time and in attendance following a road game or trip. 

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